Frequently Asked Questions

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When is Engineering Open House?

Friday, March 14th, 2014, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Do I need to register to attend?

Individuals attending EOH do not need to register for the event. However, school groups attending EOH are encouraged to register their group to ensure that they receive the trip planning information they need. Teachers or chaperones can register their field trip groups here.

Are there advisors for prospective or accepted Illinois Students?

There will not be advisors available as part of EOH, but you are welcome to attend a Deans Session if you have questions about the College of Engineering.

Where can I get a visitor’s guide?

Physical visitors guides will be available the days of Engineering Open House. Here is a copy of last year’s visitor’s guide.

What is for lunch?

Lunch can be purchased in our Area 51 Food and Entertainment tent – right between Engineering Hall and Everitt Lab. You can also find restaurants in the basement of the Illini Union and on Green Street (just west of Everitt Lab).

What are exhibits?

Exhibits are student-run displays about engineering and technology related topics. There are a broad range of topics that will interest anyone for any age range. See our Exhibits page for more information.

I am a teacher and I want to bring my class to EOH. What is the procedure?

We welcome school groups to EOH! Please refer to our Field Trip Logistics Page for more information on how to prepare for your trip.

I am interested in helping sponsor Engineering Open House. Who can I contact?

Corporate Sponsors make Engineering Open House possible. For information about becoming a sponsor, please contact our Corporate Team directly at

If you are an alumnus or individual, you can become a Friend of EOH through a sponsorship donation. Please contact Doug Pogdorny at for more information.

I’m a University of Illinois Student. How can I get involved?

Students can host an exhibit (, be a volunteer (, and come as a visitor during EOH.

I am not an engineering major. Will I still enjoy Engineering Open House?

YES! Engineering Open House is enjoyable to all majors, all ages, all engineering skill levels. The student exhibitors are great at shaping their presentation for the appropriate audience skill level. And we always encourage questions!

I am a College of Engineering Alumnus planning to visit EOH? Are there any special alumni programs?

We ask a portion of our alumni to come back to be judges for our exhibits. If you’d like to be considered please email Jordan Baczynski at ( Be sure to say you’re an alumnus and we’ll include all relevant information. Further, there will be an Alumni Welcome Center on the 3rd floor of Engineering Hall hosted by the Engineering Student Alumni Ambassadors.

I am a parent that has younger children (grade school or younger). What sorts of things are there for their age group?

The visitor’s guide lists the age appropriateness of each exhibit and there are on-site design challenges that are fun for young children.

Who puts on Engineering Open House?

Engineering Open House is a student run event with collaboration from students, staff, and faculty from all engineering departments.

How can I sign up an exhibit?

If you are a University of Illinois student and wish to participate in Engineering Open House, check out our Exhibits page or email the Director of Exhibits, Jon Henricks (, for more details.

 Where can I find more information about Engineering Open House?

Please keep an eye on this website – we will periodically update it with the latest information. Also, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

What are future EOH dates?

  • March 13-14, 2015
  • March 11-12, 2016

Have any unanswered questions?

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