Directions & Parking

Directions to Campus

So where are you starting from?

Address: City:        State:      

From the O’Hare Area:

To drive to the campus from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, take I-190 a couple miles to Interstate

294, the Tri-state Tollway (exit 1D). Head south (toward Indiana) for 35 miles to I-80. Take I-80

West (toward Iowa) three miles then exit from the left lane onto I-57 heading south. Drive south

for a couple hours or less to I-74 in Champaign. Take I-74 east three miles and exit at Lincoln

Avenue. Turn right and head south a mile to the campus, which is on your right.

From the Peoria/Bloomington-Normal Area:

Take I-74 east to Champaign-Urbana. Exit South on Lincoln Avenue. Head south a mile to the

campus, which is on your right.

From the Springfield Area:

Take I-72 east to Champaign-Urbana. Turn right onto South Mattis Ave for 0.2 miles, then turn

left onto Springfield Ave. Continue for 2.5 miles until you reach campus, which is on your right.

From the Indianapolis Area:

Head north on I-465 to I-74. Take I-74 west (exit 16B, “Peoria”) 107 miles to Urbana.

From the St. Louis Area:

Take I-270 about 25 miles until you hit I-70, and go east on I-70. Take I-70 East to I-57 in

Illinois. Take I-57 North to I-74 in Champaign. Take I-74 East three miles and exit at Lincoln

avenue. Turn right and head south a mile to the campus, which is on your right.

Parking on Campus

The following areas shown on the map are where visitors are suggested to park for EOH 2015. The parking lot used in the past will be under construction and will be unavailable for anyone to park in.



Please look to see where you are encouraged to park your vehicle for our event.

  • Parking lot B-22 in YELLOW is suggested for schools and other visitors traveling in buses. Please unload your buses and/or equipment in the areas designated by your event coordinator and then park your bus in lot B-22.
  • Parking garage B-4 in RED is for majority of our visitors. Do NOT park in this lot if your car is over the height 6’8”.
  • Parking lot B-17 in Blue is for any cars above the height 6’8” that will not fit inside the parking garage.

The best way to get to these lots is from the intersection of University and Goodwin. Turn south on Goodwin and B-4 will be on your right. From here if you turn left on Clark St, B-22 will be on your left and B-17 will be on your right.

Parking is free in these lots. Because open parking meter spaces will be very hard to find closer to campus, we encourage you to use this method to park for EOH.

School Bus Information

The bus drop-off zone is on Wright St, just north of Springfield Ave., on the east side of the street next to Kenney Gym. There is street parking with bagged meters to allow drop-off and pick up in that area. We ask that you please drop-off students in this location to alleviate traffic congestion for the other visitors. You cannot drop-off or pick-up students in parking lot B-22 or further south on Wright Street during Engineering Open House. You may only do so at the Wright Street location specified below. Signs for school busses will be posted accordingly!