Field Trip Logistics

Registration: EOH is a free event! Please register your school group here so we can email you important updates about EOH leading up to your trip.

Student drop off location: Please remind your bus driver to drop off your group on Wright Street by Springfield Avenue at EOH and then proceed to park at the E-14 Parking Lot. Our EOH shuttles from E-14 cannot handle so many large school groups throughout the day so please make sure your group is dropped off right by the Welcome Tent at EOH! (Map coming soon!)

Bus parking: Buses may park at the E-14 Lot throughout the day, no parking pass is needed.

Where do you start? After you’re drop off on Springfield Avenue, you should stop by the EOH Welcome Tent by Grainger Library to pick up visitor’s guides and other brochures and information.

Lunch: EOH provides food and entertainment at the Area 51 Tent where pizza, soda, and chips will be for sale (~$5 for lunch). There is also a variety of restaurants down Green St. (~$9 for lunch). Students may also bring their own bag lunches and eat in Area 51. Please keep in mind limited seating availability during lunch rush hours.