Engineering Open House is the largest engineering- centric event at the University of Illinois engineering and has been a tradition for over 95 years. EOH's goal is to showcase science, engineering, and technology via interactive exhibits prepared by students in the College of Engineering and our corporate sponsors. Each year, with over 250 unique exhibits and attractions, EOH brings more than 20,000 visitors to our campus. This event brings a great opportunity for corporations, organizations, and students that wish to showcase their latest technology, research, and projects to the public.


The goal of Engineering Open House is to promote the constant discovery and innovation within the STEM fields. EOH is not only an opportunity for current students to practice their passion for engineering but also an opportunity to inspire the next generation of engineers. It provides a venue to create and innovate outside of the classroom. A recent push to increase company involvement with EOH has proven to be successful. The goal is to pair companies and students to promote an informal communication environment.


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